Happy Endings: Brokeback Bitchiness

• Christians in Maine aren’t happy with Brokeback Mountain. We never would have guessed. [WMTW]

• Turkey is showing Brokeback but not to those under 18 because it violates “public morals.” At least it hasn’t been banned. [NY Blade]

Becks Lookalike

David Beckham lookalike hooker (click for his profile) costs £500 UK a pop; gives fans a chance to Bend Him Like Beckham. [The Sun UK]

• Now that she’s beaten off that super-bitch cancer, our fave lesbian rocker, Melissa Etheridge, will be recording new music and touring this summer. [Post Chronicle]

• Convicted criminal gets off with permanent erection. [Oh La La Paris]

• Iraqi leader wants the gays dead. Still. [365gay]