Happy Endings: Brokeback Oscar Watch

• A Paula Abdul dating show sounds like the perfect televised train wreck we’ve been waiting for. If there is a God, her dating pool will be filled exclusively with American Idol rejects. [Zap2it]

• The DGA hearts Ang Lee. We’ll soon find out how much the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sceinces loves Lee and Brobeback. Oscar noms are out tomorrow. [BBC]

Ang Lee DGA

• China does not heart Brokeback Mountain. [BBC]

• A gay Colombian man, currently in Orlando, wants the U.S. to grant him political asylum because of increased homophobia in his native country. But is landing yourself in a state run by George Bush’s bro really a step in the right direction? [Miami Herald]

Guy Ritchie will be best man at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wedding. We would be super-happy fags if Madonna somehow ends up godmother to the most beautiful baby in the world. [Digital Spy]