Happy Endings: But It’s Couture!

• We love everything about this picture of Pamela Anderson. Everything.

• Did you know that gay news is “adult”?

UK-based Vodaphone, which has interests around the world including a joint venture, Verizon Wireless, in America, puts a block on access to this site – and on the highly-reputable Gay City News in New York – deeming the content to be “adult” in nature.

We understand the world’s an ugly place, but this is just ridiculous!

Indiana Jones mania begins at Vanity Fair. Next stop: the world!

Playgirl hopes to book 55-year old Village People cowboy Randy Jones as its centerfold. That magazine gets off like it’s 1977!

Jossip intern Whitney Little reads the week’s tabloids in record time. The least you can do is read her thought provoking, potentially revolutionary recap.

• Lyle Masaki is not impressed by Keira Knightley’s green gown.

• Who are these people who are “satisfied” with their personal lives?

• New Hampshire clergy get down on civil unions.

Three pictures of John Edwards.

More on the gays and the GOP.