Happy Endings: Buy Used, Blood-Stained Shirts On Ebay

• We were briefly (and vaguely) intrigued when we found out Creed’s Scott Stapp and Kidd Rock had made a sex tape together. Too bad they don’t get busy with one another. [Gawker]

• You too can blow your entire annual salaray (and then some) on the shirts off of Jake and Heath’s backs. [Ebay]

Brokeback Shirts

• The Virginia Senate has passed a proposed constituional amendment to ban gay marriage and civil unions which will now go to voters. What else would you expect from a state with a town named Lynchburg? [Richmond.com]

• Shock! Who would have thought that you could get more than just a rub down at a massage parlor? [The Malay Mail]

• Shopaholic Johnny Weir is a triple threat: he’s a princess, an Olympian, and a diva. [Towleorad]