Happy Endings: Campaigns And Comics Collide!

• The NY TimesWard Sutton had some fun with presidential campaign posters past and present.

• Britain’s Anglican and Roman churches come together to protest lesbian in vitro legislation.

United Nations takes on Amy Winehouse’s cocaine “glamorization”.

Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency experiencing gayest season ever!

Gay cowboys face off for top slot.

• Palm Springs’ gay mayoral candidate Gary Cloutier has been arrested for public intoxication. Cops found him in his Cadillac’s driver’s seat. The election votes are still being counted, but Cloutier seems to be in the lead. Good thing this didn’t happen before the election.

• Philadelphia’s once-conservative mayor John Street to officiate gay wedding. Right wingers to throw fit.

• Meanwhile, Philadelphia’s Boy Scouts face looming deadline for HQ relocation after continuing to refuse gay leaders. B-o-o. H-o-o.

Four stabbed at gay club where gay man died this summer.