Happy Endings: Cho TV

Margaret Cho returns to television with a Fox sit-com. Let’s hope the netwok’s execs are nothing like the weight Nazis over at her former TV home, ABC. If so, they may insist the already trim Cho dwindle down to the size of its malnourished star, Mischa “Skeleton” Barton.

A former homo male nurse is accused of offing several gay men, chopping them up, and then tossing the bits along a New Jersey freeway in little plastic baggies. And you say serial killers aren’t creative nowadays.


Fabian Basabe gets pissy if people say his old man is broke, but is totally okay with being labeled a queer. We just call him annoying as all hell.

RuPaul and Lady Bunny will be in WeHo this weekend for the Kimberly S CD release party at Factory. Work it.

• We don’t think the new study that says gays love snapping up Volvos, Volkswagens, and BMW’s makes us sound shallow and materialistic. It makes us sound stylish and materialistic.

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