Happy Endings: Clint Eastwood’s Son’s Day Is Made

• There’s another reason to go on walking tours other than the fact that it works your glutes: Learn about gay history. [The Scotsman]

• Well that was quick. George Michael has already copped to possessing drugs and being “stupid.” [CNN]

Clint Eastwood may be the epitome of hetero machoism, but his son Kyle isn’t one to refuse a little oral from a male friend. [NY Daily News]

Only Gay in the Village

• Sydney Mardi Gras has transformed The Only Gay in the Village Into an entire parade. [Sydney Mornign Herald]

• THe MSM is finally starting to pick up on the fact that Brokeback Mountain has cemented itself into pop culture, something the blogs have been all over for months now. [Reuters]

• A Church in Massachusetts wants to hang a giant banner above its front entrance supporting gay marriage. But this isn’t any old church – it’s the final resting place of two Presidents. Finally, a couple of Presidents who support same-sex marriage. [The Patriot Ledger via Towleroad]