Happy Endings: Dancing With The Queens

• We’re gay enough to be excited about tomorrow night’s season premiere of Dancing with the Stars. But after seeing pro dancer John Robert’s picture on the official site, we’re a little surprised his bio refers to a “wife.” [Dancing with the Stars Official Site]

John Roberts

• A British Muslim leader is calling gays and same-sex marriage “harmful.” We think prejudiced words like that are much more dangerous. [BBC]

• Poet Tory Dent passed away from AIDS-related complications in NYC. RIP. [Newsday]

• Motorola’s new iRadio sounds pretty cool. We’ll just have to get one. [AP]

• Maine’s (New Englanders so love The Gays) new law outlaws any sort of discrimination when it comes to sexual orientation. Sounds like common sense to us, but only a few states have this sort of thing on the books. [Morning Sentinel]