Happy Endings: Dodge Caliber and Daniel Craig

bilde.jpeg• We’re glad to know we weren’t being overly-sensitive when those “silly little fairy” Dodge Caliber ads got under our skin. Everybody thinks they’re such comedians now with the post-Brokeback gay jokes. Hardy har har. [DetNews]

• Man sends mail-bomb to plastic surgeon after unsatisfactory penile enlargement surgery. We’ll never laugh at those overcompensating “I drive a Corvette because my penis is small” guys again. [10News]

• Note to Christian Right: We gays really are recruiting now. You can even take a college class on gay parenting. While we’re teaching people how to be gay: how about a class on teaching gay guys to throw a ball? Because everyone here at Queerty throws like limp-wristed girls, and our softball team is going to get annhilated. [GayWired]

danielcraigap.jpegDaniel Craig, the new (and very sexy!) James Bond, is already a gay icon. Or so he thinks. We’ve always thought 007 needs to have a gay spy, anyway. Perhaps 008? Since most gay guys claim to be “8” anyway, it makes sense. [Yahoo]