Happy Endings: Dolly ‘s Death Threats

• Even death threats from crazies all over the world isn’t stopping Dolly Parton from adoring the Gays. [USA Today]

Lee Tamahori only received a slap on the wrist over his drag/queen prostitution arrest. That might have just trned him on some more.He’s kinky enough to be a masochist. [Defamer]

dolly parton

• We didn’t think there was anyone left in the country that didn’t watch The Daily Show. Illinois’ governor better get himself cable. [ABC News]

• You’ll be closer to Madge than ever before when she starts touring smaller venues this summer. But is also means she’s going to charge us twice as much as she did during her Re-Invention tour. [MTV]

• A drag queen, who moonlights as a nightclub singer, is running for Parliament in Italy. Um, she’s got our vote. [Reuters]

• Finally someone who is not attempting to cash in on Hollywood’s recent lovefest with the Gays. Adam Sandler-Kevin James’ fake queer comedy is without a director. [The Advocate]