Happy Endings: Dream A Little Dream

[flv:http://jossip.com/media/clinton.snoozing.flv http://www.jossip.com/wp/docs/2008/01/clintonsnoozingbg.jpg 480 360]
President Bill Clinton be tired of MLK.

Cuban commies considering queer unions.

• You need new shoes. Let Refinery29 influence your decision.

• Christian school didn’t break law with lesbian student boot, says California judge.

Resurrected GOP icon and gay porn star Matt Sanchez may have lost his mind. Jeremy Hooper had an email exchange with him and it’s pretty nonsensical. Sanchez seems to think “horndog” is a gay term of endearment. Because being horny’s a good thing or because we all talk like overgrown boys?

• The Anglican’s Lambeth Conference has begun. There will be blood.

Lindsay Lohan is a bad actress!?

Tyra Banks and her “top” models are wreaking havoc once again.

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  • chris

    That man was carrying on all yelling and shouting, shoot I couldn’t fall asleep, but he was kind of monotone.

    You don’t need to be all yelling up in church.


  • Mark Kraft

    Some people fight for the dream, some people hope for the dream, but the Clintons apparently sleep through the dream.

    Barack Obama lives the dream.

    During Obama’s speech yesterday in honor of Martin Luther King, Barack Obama said the following at MLK’s former pulpit, at Ebenezer Baptist Christ in Atlanta, Georgia, surrounded by some of this country’s most prominent black religious leaders.

    “If we are honest with ourselves, we’ll acknowledge that our own community has not always been honest to King’s vision of a beloved community. If we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll have to admit that we’ve scorned our gay brothers and sisters, instead of embracing them.”

    Can you afford to wait until gay rights become uncontroversial for the Clintons to stand up for you? Or do you want a president who is a leader willing to take a stand and do the right thing?

  • Toot LeMonde

    I think the Clintons are getting old.

  • fabianlander

    Clinton seems old. lose the passion. many guys on gaysinglehunt.com are dissussing him and his wife

  • Nitesurf

    With all the drama and controversy currently taking place with the Clintons and Obama and the black community, THIS is where he decides to take a nap?! WTF?

  • emb

    Thanks, bill, for illustrating for us all that your wife’s campaign is interested in the window dressing of inclusion, in lining up as many endorsements as possible, and not really in what anyone has to say.

    Loved him as prez. Hate him as his wife’s hatchet man. Tho he looks all cute and angelic asleep there…

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