Happy Endings: Dude, It’s Totally The Best Thing Ever

The 911 call that’s sure to be a classic.

Keith Boykin on Bobby Brown‘s anti-gay tirade, sexual panic and hate crime legislation.

• Which Republican presidential candidate will shed the most publicist-endorsed tears for Jerry Falwell’s death?

• Some gay San Franciscans won’t be shedding any tears for Jerry Falwell. They’re planning an anti-memorial. Whoa. That’s a. unnecessary and b. makes gay people look like jerks.

• California high school student Johnny Vera has our undying respect. This ballsy fucker’s not only transgender in high school, but he had the confidence to run for prom queen! And won! You work that shit, girl. You work that shit… (PS: We have to include the picture. Trannie prom queens forever!)

• Paparazzo sues Lindsay Lohan for car hit!

This homo wants to know if you think he’s attractive.

• NewNowNext’s Ambrose can’t get enough Johnette Napolitano.

• Should runners with prosthetic legs be able to compete in the Olympics? Discuss.

An umbrella with a camera and internet?!? Now we’ve seen everything!