Happy Endings: Dude, It’s Totally The Best Thing Ever

The 911 call that’s sure to be a classic.

Keith Boykin on Bobby Brown‘s anti-gay tirade, sexual panic and hate crime legislation.

• Which Republican presidential candidate will shed the most publicist-endorsed tears for Jerry Falwell’s death?

• Some gay San Franciscans won’t be shedding any tears for Jerry Falwell. They’re planning an anti-memorial. Whoa. That’s a. unnecessary and b. makes gay people look like jerks.

• California high school student Johnny Vera has our undying respect. This ballsy fucker’s not only transgender in high school, but he had the confidence to run for prom queen! And won! You work that shit, girl. You work that shit… (PS: We have to include the picture. Trannie prom queens forever!)

• Paparazzo sues Lindsay Lohan for car hit!

This homo wants to know if you think he’s attractive.

• NewNowNext’s Ambrose can’t get enough Johnette Napolitano.

• Should runners with prosthetic legs be able to compete in the Olympics? Discuss.

An umbrella with a camera and internet?!? Now we’ve seen everything!

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  • GayLeftBorg

    LOL wow! He must have gotten ahold of some good sh*t, because I’ve made pot brownies before, supplemented it with a joint afterwards AND watched the re-make of Willy Wonka without tripping out too bad, with all those colors and all! LOL

  • jack

    “They’re planning an anti-memorial. Whoa. That’s a. unnecessary and b. makes gay people look like jerks.”

    WTF, boys? Falwell has been one of the most notorious public figures for vocalizing hate rhetoric to millions of followers. His messages and perverted sermons are directly responsible for a climate of ostracism, perpetuation of anti-gay violence, manipulation of an anti-gay political agenda that has affected all of our rights, impeding tolerance for people with AIDS for an entire decade and probably for the suicide of numerous young people raised in the born-again christian faith struggling to accept that they were abominations in the eyes of their god. He has the blood of our whole community on his hands.

    *You* should be out there denouncing the wave of public sentiment over his passing; if not, you should at least be applauding those who do because it’s people just like them that have spoken out and paved the way for you to sit on your little digital thrones and share your bastion of gay wit with all of us today.

    Shame on you for calling them “jerks.” Sometimes, you’re disappointing.

    As an afterthought, since when did you even care if gays look like jerks? You spend your days running every gay (and not gay) twit on the planet up the flagpole. Did his highnessness Mr. Lucas totally whip you into nice, compliant ‘mos that fast? Did he spank the last of the sass right of you? (Actually, if anything, despite his emotionally blurting style and other shortcomings, I’d think even he’d rally behind these folks.)

    For all who’ve opposed oppression, today is a good effing day.

  • nystudman

    Have to agree with Queerty. Why bother acknowledging him at all? If they REALLY want to make a statement, let them go to Lynchburg and do it, instead of SF, where they’ll be preaching to the choir?

  • fireeyedboy

    can i just ask why we’re not referring to the trans teen who won prom queen with female pronouns? it says clearly in the article (in which they disrespectfully use male pronouns at every turn) that she prefers female pronouns. just wondering why that isn’t being respected in a queer blog?

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