Happy Endings: Elderly Trannies Continue To Dominate The News

• An MTA officer called a transgender “ugly,” banned her from using the women’s restroom, forcing her to pee in a cup, and then placed her under arrest. Not exactly humane, but then again we’ve had worse experiences on the MTA. [Breitbart]

• The ship The Warrior, also known as the pride of Queen Victoria, will begin hosting marriages with different types of queens starting this weekend. [Pink News]

MTA Tranny

Madge will warm up her small-scale summer tour with a performance at the large-scale Coachella Festival in Southern California. [MTV]

Sophia Bush cites “fraud” as her reason for seeking an annulment from Chad Michael Murray. Was Kenny Chesney anywhere close by during their marriage? [People]

• The Massachusetts Church that houses the remains of two Presidents will not be allowed to hang a huge banner supporting same-sex marriage. The decision might be reconsidered if an alternately proposed sign is “not as intrusive” (read: prettier). Sounds pretty gay to us. [Good As You]

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