Happy Endings: Foxy Brown Can Hear You Gossiping About Her

• Just in time for Lil’ Kim‘s return to the scene, Foxy Brown recovers from her deafness. [VH1]

• The head of anti-gay Protect Marriage Arizona Coalition, Lynn Stanley, died in a car crash. She’s survived by her husband and her daughter, Tracie. Lord help her if she’s a dyke. [AZ Central]

• More than half of Fortune 500 companies reportedly offer benefits to domestic partners – which means American Express better be offering employees free lattes if it wants to stay atop that Best Companies to Work For list. [LAT]

Britney Spears might be looking at another round of legal battles with Us Weekly. [Jossip]

• Just as Aaron Spelling is being put into the ground, wife Candy is putting the $150 million manse on the market. And she’ll certainly do her best to keep any cut out of Tori‘s hands. [MollyGood]