Happy Endings: Fugitive Still At Large

• Gay bar attacker Jacob Robida’s bedroom was decorated with “homemade posters slurring gays, African-Americans, and Jews; neo-Nazi literature and skinhead paraphernalia; a makeshift coffin; and an empty knife sheath.” And this guy tried to bludgeon people? You don’t say! [The Boston Globe]

Ryan Seacrest did not storm off a radio show after being asked about his sexuality. But we’re sure everyone agrees that the question still stands. [Editor & Publisher]

Jacob Robida

• We’re sure you’re all tired of the plethora of Brokeback Mountain trailer parodies. But for those of you who can’t get enough, we present Brokeback to the Future. [You Tube via Defamer]

The New York Times finally discovers gay ski week in Aspen and all the fabulous drag queens that go with it. [NY Times]

• The Elton John/Bernie Taupin musical Lestat appears to be in trouble. Delays and cancellations are never a good sign. [Philadelphia Daily News]

• Effectively ignoring the attitudes of their more progressive Spanish neighbors, Portugal denies some dykes the right to get married. [BBC]