Happy Endings: Gene Shalit Cast As The “Sexual Predator”

• We think that secretly Gene Shalit loved Brokeback Mountain and we think he’ll secretly love this poster just as much. (Thanks Matthew)


Howard Stern has always supported the gays. Well, at least the lesbians. He’s now given out actor George Takei an announcer gig on his new Sirius show. Maybe now we can hear the Star Trek thespian enunciate more than just the phrase “wet hot bitches.” [Philly Burbs]

Phantom of the Opera becomes the longest running musical in Broadway history, thanks mostly to all of us faithful gays. [Reuters]

Kathy Griffin won’t back down to anyone, even Hollywood God Steven Spielberg. This is why she is our queen. [NY Post]

• Camera whore Lisa Gastineau most likely crashes lesbian bars for the attention and not because she’s earnestly searching for fish. [Gawker]