Happy Endings: Glamour Is Not Dead

Amy Winehouse popped into her husband Blake’s court hearing today. As you can see, the singer went through loads of trouble getting gussied up. Sort of…

The Advocate‘s Kerry Eleveld digs into South Carolina’s pre-primary policy.

• The Democratic National Committee included trans delegates during 2004’s convention. So where are the trannies during this race?

• Laura Kiritsy probes Florida’s potential gay nuptial ban.

Jack Mackenroth needs your help!

AIDS in the 80s.

• 68-year old gay man Alexio Bello stabbed to death in Miami.

• People are making money off of Britney Spears‘ downfall. Too bad we missed the morally bankrupt boat!

Mario Ruiz does not approve of Roger Cohen’s short-sighted, demented view of the Iraq war.

• Gays invade Sundance.

• Iowan Governor Chet Culver is fully prepared to fight gay marriage.