Happy Endings: Hitched Homos in Hoboken?

• Gays from Newark to Trenton could be shopping for wedding dresses and tuxes. Same-sex marriage is going to the New Jersey Supreme Court. [Newsday]

• Two of our favorite media subjects come together in one place. Tyra Banks tackles gay cowboys on her show today. [The Advocate]

Madonna leotard

• It won’t be Return to Brokeback Mountain, but Jake Gylenhaal and Heath Ledger might end up onscreen once again. [NY Times]

• We don’t know why the normally anti-gay Focus on the Family is endorsing a pro-gay bill, but we’ll take what we can get from them. [LA Times]

• There was a time when Madonna‘s controversial performances were much more risqué than form-fitting purple leotards and a few sexy dance moves. Malaysia’s government needs to take a look at Truth or Dare to see what the real definition of provocative is. [In The News]