Happy Endings: Huh?

• Alright, we’re willing to forgive The View‘s Sherri Shepard for not knowing whether the world’s flat, but we’re absolutely astonished that Shepard forgot that Patti LaBelle’s black.

Out‘s Shana Krochmal talks to Panic At The Disco. Note the lack of exclamation!

• Writer’s strike be damned! AfterElton launches Gay People’s Choice Awards:

We’re asking you to vote on your favorites in the traditional movie, television, music, and internet categories, but at the end we’ve included several gay-specific categories that you won’t find covered anywhere else this awards season!

Vote like your life depends on it!

Gay panic strikes Kentucky after b-ballers partake in celebratory kiss.

Vermont’s marriage debate returns with less bite.

• The Huckabee boys are not attractive.

Mary J. Blige does not take steroids, okay?

• Will Rudy Giuliani’s Florida gamble cost him the election? The former NYC mayor’s numbers are down.

Ellen likes Carmen. Pass it on.

• Our editor takes to HuffPo to talk DNC.