Happy Endings: Human LED


• South Korean soccer fans decided to turn themselves into human light emitting diodes. It’s incredible.

Harvey Keitel presented Snoop Dogg with his Hip-Hop Honor, saying: “There really is no artist in any discipline, any of the arts, that I would rather give an award to. Your work effects the way young people think. I can’t think of a better honor than that. You deserve it.” There you have it: all artists should stop what they’re doing. Snoop’s way better than you in every single way.

ENDA talks never-ending.

“Straight influx” threatening gay retirees?

iPod catches fire in man’s pants. And, no, it wasn’t Mike Jones.

Gotham mag’s bachelor list includes gays, like Jono.

Black man provides oral gay history.

• Even a suicide attempt won’t stop Owen Wilson from promoting his new movie.

“Gay” peacock gets off on cars?

Bob Allen denies using political position as leverage in toilet arrest. Judge tosses cash evidence.