Happy Endings: Israeli Pride Threatened

Gay Israel

• Because you need another World Cup website, Objectivo launches. [Objectivo]

• More than 100,000 signatures have been collected protesting Jersualem’s August gay pride march, declaring “holding of such a parade in Jerusalem, of all places, is a great blow at the ages-old Jewish character of the city and its holy values, for the Jewish and non-Jewish public in Israel and around the world.” [Arutz Sheva]

• Though gay couples in the Czech Republic can now legally wed, few are choosing to do so with the media spotlight turned on. [365 Gay]

• And lastly, we won’t be publishing tomorrow, given the Fourth of July holiday. One half of Queerty is spending it in Toronto, where it’s just another summer day; the other half will be in sticky New York City, watching the fireworks shoot off from the East River. Where, what, and with whom are you spending your Fourth? (And for more on how the Fourth of July is gay, click here.)