Happy Endings: Jake Strikes A Pose

Peter Bacanovic relocated from New York to LA, and like most people who do, he ended up a failure and an escort. [NY Post]


Jake Gyllenhaal popped up behind numerous stars at some of the Oscar parties a couple of nights ago. We just wish he would just get behind us one of these days. [Towleroad]

• No, it isn’t related to Confessions on a Dance Floor, but Confessions of a Mormon Boy is hosting a gay singles night next week. [Broadway World]

• Finally a magazine for gays and lesbians in Northern Ireland! But come, naming it Icon?! [Gay.com]

Ashley Cole is pissed that his name has been linked to the word “gay” on Google. Of course this is all due to his being linked to his alleged participation in gay orgies and shoving a cell phone up his ass. [The Times Online]