Happy Endings: Jeff Gannon Has Something To Say

• The White House’s favorite manwhore, Jeff Gannon, thinks Bush’s Supreme Court pick was stealthy. We wonder if that term was decided over pillow talk?


• It’s been floating around for a little while now but we think this song is so cute. And so do all of our fag hags.

• When we get bored with the 20 million gay men in the U.S., we’re packing our bags, crossing the Atlantic and heading over to India to try our luck on their 55 million. Oh, and note to CNN: next time try to find an even more sterotypical picture to go along with your story.

• Tonight’s episode of Great Things About Being… on Bravo takes on queers. We’re insulted that we weren’t even consulted.

Out lists the “Least Gay-Friendly States in America.” Looking at the red states included we’re left in the state of complete and utter un-surprise.

• Happy birthday to a man who makes his own kind of music; our boy Arjan! You must be so honored to share this special day with NRA love bug, Charlton Heston.

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