Happy Endings: Jonathan Plummer’s Totally Gay Groove

• Before eventually being dismissed by his Christian school, a gay student was told “to not dress in women’s clothing, not slap others on the buttocks if he was a member of a sports team, not hug or shake hands with other men for too long, not “broadcast” his lifestyle, and not tell other students he was gay until he knew them well.” Because that’s all gay men do. [The Advocate]

Jonathan Plummer was looking pretty gay during his appearance on Oprah a few months ago. But his pictorial in Clikque pretty much confirms he’s gone all homo-crazy. [Clikque]

Jonathan Plummer Clique

• Mexico City has arrested a serial killer who targeted gays. He has no regrets and says he would kill again. Yeah. Throw away the key, boys. [The Advocate]

• It’s inspiring how quickly a country like Germany can evolve from one of the most dastardly to one of the most progressive. [Yahoo]

• Posting names of those who signed a petition supporting a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in Massachusetts seems to have confirmed gay rights supporters’ suspicion of fraud. Though Kenny Chesney doesn’t appear to have anything to do with this one. [Bay Windows]