Happy Endings: Just Another Reason To Ogle Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus shows up on the cover of O at Home magazine, looking as good as always and bent over in our favorite position. [Oprah.com]

Howard Stern picked the brain of Clay Aiken’s bedpost notch John Paulus on his radio show this morning and Paulus revealed that Clay is (gasp!) a top! [The Malcontent]


• A “study released by gay rights advocates shows gay and lesbian students in Iowa schools are subjected to taunts and harassment.” And in other news, the Earth revolves around the sun. [Radio Iowa]

• The Family Institute of Connecticut has evidence that gay & lesbian homes are harmful environments for children. Paparazzi photographs of Michael Jackson and his occasionaly balcony-dangling, constantly shrouded kids don’t count. [The Boston Globe]

• Gawker has announced the winner of Project Runway and It’s Nick who just so happened to get eliminated from last night’s episode! Yeah. Not so much. [Gawker]

• Attempting to cash in on Brokeback Mountain as much as he can, Heath Ledger has put his Aussie home up for sale. [Towleroad]

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