Happy Endings: Kucinich Out!

The presidential race claims another victim…

• Uber-gay friendly Dennis Kucinich drops out of presidential race.

Idina Menzel talks shop with HX‘s Brandon Voss.

Out‘s Jason Lamphier has a “woody” for Alison Goldfrapp.

• Artist Lawrence Weiner needs NYC-based sexy extras for movie. From his press pals:

We offer $200 as pocket money, condoms, blue pills, small nice crew, all very family style affair. We want to finish the shooting this week! In our experience it is easier to find young people for this sort of job than senior art officers… But we are open. Actors can perform sex they like in the way they like it, all very casual, no performance stress…

Contact: [email protected]

• Will potential presidential contender Mike Bloomberg grab gay votes?

HRC and some of their pals gathered in a Long Island synagogue last night to plot against anti-gay politicians. Oy va voy!

Intern Whitney moving up, Mollygood readers dropping dead (no, not really).

Michael Musto offers two cents on Lucas/Belonsky war.

John Gibson attempts to defend himself over Heath Ledger death joke. We still think he’s a vile piece of shit.

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  • lubbocktex

    Don’t demean shit by calling Gibson a piece of it.

  • l

    Hillary, Barack – You can still redeem yourselves. Just create a department of Peace with Dennis Kucinich as its head. I’d suggest a nice rainbow theme on the stationery.

  • gay as life

    No more Kucinich :(

    Gibson is subhuman. He does not defend himself, but simply tries to say that it has been a running joke on his show. A running joke about a movie line? Fine. But malicious joking about a barely-cold, dead young man? Indefensible.

    Has Gibson gone so senile that he can’t see the difference between films and reality?

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Kucinich was the REAL pro-gay, pro-peace “Democratic Wing” of the Democratic Party and deserves prominence in the Democratic National Convention for his unwavering (yet media-boycotted except Larry King’s hitjob) views against the war where fair-weathered Democrats, including whichever will be the Next President, flailed in the wind. Stop watching Gibson, “Gay As Life” as we never heard of him hardly until you kept promoting him. Unsubscribe from cable and demand A La Carte cable programming from your local representatives especially in the next administration and listen to Randi Rhodes and the brilliant team at Air America Radio to get through this last year of the Junta-in-Office BUSH (Oliver Stone movie coming to a theater near you) We gays have been barraged with HATE for nearly 8 years with the GOP Crusades against us. It is time for the Democratic Empire to Strike back at these oligarch, Robber barrons who are conducting a “Going Out Of Business Sale” of this once great country with the aid of the Corporate Media “666”.

  • gay as life

    Ugh, I hate that my support of Kucinich aligns me with babblers like seitan-on-a-stick.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Kucinich is a good guy, but at this point, he has to defend his home turf in Cleveland.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    “Get A Life” wants a Hollywood contract from Blogging but lacks the intellectual depth to match wit with anyone, even his own limited capacity for repartee. Air America Radio have been the biggest supporters of Kucinich and progressive values. Hells Kitchen Guy is right on the money. “Gay As Life” hates the fact that he’s always the dumbest rock on this blogsite.

  • Bill Perdue

    Now that Kucinich is gone the Democrats are going to try to stick us with Barak Obama, who openly panders to foul mouthed bigots or Clinton who sat on the Board of Directors for the union busters at Wal-Mart. The Republican candidates are just as bad.

    Their theory of a ‘lesser evil’ candidate is downright insulting. Obama and Clinton both oppose socialized medicine and support Bush’s genocidal war in Iraq. Clinton wants to extend the war into Iran and Obama one-ups her, calling for an attack on Pakistan. Both support NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement but both turn a cold shoulder to immigrant workers fleeing the economic devastation it caused in Mexico. Since the Reagan era they’ve double teamed us, cutting taxes for the rich and cutting welfare, Medicare, and unemployment insurance for the poor. Now their deregulation and attacks on unions are sending the economy into a tailspin. The Republicans are just as bad.

    The Democratic Party gutted the employment protection bill ENDA, buried the Matthew Shepard hate crimes bill and refuses to repeal the military discrimination bill DADT and the bill forbidding samesex marriage, DOMA. They’re sabotaging our chances for protective laws while upholding bigoted laws. The Republicans are just as bad.

    Millions of us will vote for a left wing party or just ignore the elections because we refuse to be caught in the lesser evil trap. After the elections as the Democratic Party splinters and divided, we won’t lift a finger to stop it. You can’t reform the Democrats or the Republicans. Its as futile as training a pig; it can’t be done and it just pisses off the pig.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Bill Perdoo is using the classic bait and switch angle of Democrats and Republicans being the same which is usually the methodology of the Right-Wing spinsters. Elect the Democratic Party and then change it. We the people, not wee, wee, wee all the way home…or you get what you stayed home for.

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