Happy Endings: L.A. To Fags: Stop Sucking On Fags

• Los Angeles has introduced an anti-smoking campaign targeted at gays who light up. They say the cig-happy atmosphere surrounding bars and clubs are mostly to blame. We say if the Camel Lights don’t get you the smog certainly will.

• There has been lots of speculation over the Roxy’s possible closure next year. Whether or not that’s true, one thing’s for sure – you can’t buy this type of advertising.


Madge won’t be making a “surprise” appearance at the Roxy this weekend, but 1984 will be worshipping the queen tonight with its annual Madonna-thon. Congrats to our contest winner Michael who gets to impress a hot date (and hopefully get some tail afterward) with admission to the club.

• Oddjack is betting on who might be the next gay athlete to come out. Appropriately enough, a pitcher, a catcher, as well as a Kenny Chesney connection are included in the pool.

• Serial adopter Angelina Jolie scares the shit out of children in third world countries by declaring “most of the night I just thought about how quickly I want to adopt again.” We hope there’s a support group for this sort of thing.

• ABC is trying to outgay Logo by greenlighting a show produced by Elton John and written by a former Sex and the City scribe.