Happy Endings: Lesbians! Lesbians Everywhere!

• Runt, the night out for short men and the men who love them. [Daily Transom]

Halle Berry on how scary it was to shoot those flying scenes. No word on how scary it was to actually try to do a decent job as “Storm” this time around in the totally-a-gay-story X-Men. [TMZ]

• …and another X-Men trailer here. We can’t get enough! [Entry Level Heiress]

Carmen Electra is Joan Jett‘s lesbian lover. Sorta. [Gossip Rocks]

Colin Farrell is Jamie Foxx‘s lesbian lover. Just kidding! [Queer Beacon]

• …and on a serious note: a WWII memorial for gay victims of the Holocaust has been chosen for an Austrian museum. We want to go see it when it’s built. [iAfrica]