Happy Endings: Love Jesus, Be Hetero

• Hallelujah! Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin claims that we can be straight if we only find God! There’s hope for us after all! [WABL]

• The gay bible at magazine stands everywhere, The Advocate, loses a long time editor. [Ad Age]

noahs arc

• The hotties from Noah’s Arc are returning to Logo for another season which means we’ll be back as well. [The Advocate]

• Did you hear about the gay riots that broke out after Brokeback Mountain‘s loss at the Oscars? Maybe it’s because they didn’t really happen but let’s just pretend, ok? [The Gilded Moose]

• We hope that all this Brokeback backlash isn’t what has made a gay character on The Sorpanos the early favorite to get knocked off this season. [Gambling 911]

• Queers in Boise are very creative protesters. Makes us want a “Heterosexuals Only” sticker. [Good As You]