Happy Endings: Madonna On Ellen

• You probably won’t tune into The Ellen Degenres Show tomorrow for a Grammys wrap-up. But you will for the Madonna gabfest. [The Ellen DeGeneres Show]

• China has published its first report on homosexuality. Apparently they’ve neglected to include a centerfold which will only ensure they’ll accumulate dust on the newsstands. [Shanghai Daily]

Ellen Degeneres

Jacob Robida wasn’t shot by police. After murdering a cop and a female companion, the lunatic turned the gun on himself. [NY Times]

• We don’t really like those queers who insist that everybody is gay. Zogby Polling is one of those queers. [UPI]

• “Ex-gay” and sometime unicorn John Paulk claims that his weight gain turned him straight. Sure. Tell that to our pal Bruce Vilanch. [Sovo]