Happy Endings: Madonna Talks Musicals

• A musical from Madge herself? Could happen. Just don’t get pal Rosie O’Donnell to finance it.

• For the new restored DVD release of The Wizard of Oz, Warner Bros. “didn’t add or remove anything,” going so far as to even leave the fishing lines visible in some scenes intact. Are you paying attention, George Lucas?

• We wonder if this is the first time another man’s mouth has come this close to Al Roker’s crotch. That smile on his face says probably not.


• Republicans are set for round two, preparing yet another amendment that would ban gay marriage. But critics say the law would actually ruin it for straight married folks in Massachusetts as well, inadvertently banning all marriage in the state. Oh, the discriminating irony.

• The KKK are joining in on the intolerant fun too, getting decked out in their freshly-pressed whites to protest same-sex marriage.