Happy Endings: Mariah Or Bust

Mariah Carey will make an appearance at the Virgin Megastore in LA tonight. We encourage all you Angelenos to be there before the imminent nervous breakdown causes her to once again disappear from the scene. Bitch is due.


•We’ve heard the Eddie Murphy/Johnny Gill rumors but we’re not sold just yet. We always thought Eddie was into trannies. Unless Johnny Gill becomes Johnny Girl at night.

• Q Network joins Logo and Here! as the trio of gay cable channels in NYC making it the hottest threesome this side of Chelsea.

• A ship goes down in Titanic. In Brokeback Mountain, Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal go down on each other. But that isn’t the only thing these two movies have in common. (Via Defamer)

Gender-free bathrooms seemed to work just fine on Ally McBeal.

Rent doesn’t come out until next weekend but being a card carrying queer you’re required to whet your appetite with this preview.