Happy Endings: Meet Floyd Culkin

Rosie O’Donnell is on the cover of the new Advocate and it looks like they used one of her photos from when she was dating Lisa Kudrow circa 1998. [Advocate]

• We’ve never had much of a thing for Macauley Culkin. But we might have an interest in his little friend, Floyd. [Gawker]

Rosie Advocate

• “Gay men gain confidence, lose control with meth use.” Finally, a solution to our countless insecurites. [Denver Post]

• Sure, Bush and his cronies are putting our civil liberties in danger here in the U.S. But Poland’s got it just as bad. Our leader may have stolen a country, but their homophobic leader wants the freaking moon. [LA Times]

• A tour company from Ang Lee’s homeland is giving queers a big discount for partaking in something they would probably play double for: a tour of the locations used to film Brokeback Mountain. [CBC]