Happy Endings: Naked Men We Love

freddie_ljungberg.jpeg• Europeans vote soccer star/Calvin Klien skivvies-seller Freddie Ljungberg as the man they’d like to shag. It almost makes us forgive them for their David Hasselhoff obsession. [InTheNews]

Frameline, the fantastic LGBT film festival in San Francisco, is hosting its annual Festival Trailer competition. Make the 20-second spot that shows before each film, and you enter into the pages of history. Deadline April 29. In conjunction with PlanetOut, the self-labeled “world’s number ne LGBT web site.” Well WELL, such hubris. [PlanetOut]

• Throw away those razors, boys–beards are the new black. [ChicagoTribune]

talley.jpegKevin Talley is offered Playgirl Man Of The Year–and he turns it down. Why? We want to see more! [BigGayPicture]