Happy Endings: Norma Rae, Cher, and Hillary

• Some guy in Costa Rica totally queens out when he crosses paths with some man-eating spiders. Funny. A.k.a., The Gayest Blog Post Ever. [Eyeque]

• Hip-hopper Raz B to join Noah’s Arc. Now that Will & Grace is going off the air, we need to fill the quota of straight guys playing gay. Sean Hayes did a really good job with that whole “pretend to be gay” thing, didn’t he? His girlfriend must be really impressed. [Rod 2.0]

• Speaking of Jack MacFarland: Today is Cher‘s birthday. Did they plan the Will & Grace finale for Cher’s birthday on purpose? How cool if they planned it that way. [NYDN]

• Models in Milan go on strike, protesting poor working conditions. Modeling is so hard. The strike lasted 3 hours. Norma Rae would be so proud! [ManoloMen]

Hillary Clinton is going to win the Democratic nomination for 2008. But how much fun would it be if Russ Feingold got it? [PAYOR]