Happy Endings: Obama Kids Like Christmas

• We’re not big fans of using children for political commercials, but we’ll make an exception with the Obama family. Just don’t try it again, Barack!

Michael Rogers sits down with Jossip. Sample: “I think that Larry Craig should be held accountable to the fact that he deceived the American people. He’s such a mess psychologically that he probably doesn’t belong in the U.S. Senate.” Unfortunately the same could probably be said for a number of our elected officials. Sigh…

• South African queers fear new African National Congress leader, Jacob Zuma. The former deputy president once slept with an HIV positive woman and said a post-coital shower prevented infection…

Uruguay makes gay unions official!

• Does Fred Phelps help the “homosexual cause”?

Chris Crocker wants to bring John Holmes back from the dead so he can suck his dick. And, yes, as Mollygood points out, Holmes died of AIDS-related causes.

White House takes on NY Times over CIA tape headline.

Meredith Corporation fires sole lesbian writer from Parent.com.