Happy Endings: Oprah Isn’t Gay, She Swears It

Oprah & Gayle

Oprah insists she and Gayle King aren’t gay, damnit. [QueerBeacon]

• How many professional athletes are gay? We may never know, but it’s fun to speculate. [Blogcritics]

The SopranosJoseph Gannascoli, who played the gay character Vito, is being sued by diet company Stacker 2 on charges he didn’t do enough to promote the drug. Gannascoli’s take: They didn’t like him being gay on TV. [AP]

• If AIDS never exisited, what would life be like? [SoVo]

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  • geg

    Oprah had a baby at 14. She was so lin love with one guy in her twenties that she tried to kill her over him. Another former lover of Oprah tried to write a tell-all book about his affair with Oprah in which they smoked crack. Oprah loved one guy so much she even tried to flush his keys down the toilet. Oprah’s DEFENITLY not gay. I’d bet MILLIONS on it.

    With Rosie & Ellen being gay, it’s too much of a coincidence that Oprah is too. Gays are only 10% of the population, so the odds of them being 100% of the most Emmy winning women in TV talk is too unprobable.

    The gay rumour only started when Oprah played the therapist on Ellen’s Coming Out show. Prior to that no ever dreamed Oprah might be gay.

  • Hephaestion

    Heck, no, Oprah is WAY too clueless about gay issues to be gay.

    I lost a LOT of my respect for Oprah this year due to two of her shows which I thought were pathetic:
    1. Her “Brokeback Mountain” show, in which she asked the stupidest, most clueless questions I could ever have imagined an adult asking the actors. I felt sorry for them having to answer Oprah’s stupid, silly questions about kissing the same sex, etc etc.
    2. Her HORRIBLE show with that evil bitch Terry McMillan with her gay ex-husband. Man, Terry McMillan revealed herself to have the soul of a 2 year old in his Terrible Twos period on that show. She was preposterously immature and self-obessed, never ONCE taking a SECOND to see things from her ex’s viewpoint. And she COMPLETELY ignored the fact that her ex-husband grew up in Jamaica, where gays are killed and POLICE APPLAUD. She REFUSED to even TRY to see how impossible it would be for her “ex” to accept or understand the fact that he way gay until after he was married. McMillan was a hateful idiot on the show, and Oprah supported her hate and her ignorance. That made me lose a LOAD of respect for Oprah.

  • geg

    How dare you side with Terry’s husband? The man is a liar and a fraud who conned the poor woman, betrayed her trust, wasted years of her life, HUMIATED her before the world, & had the never to try to extort money from her.

    Oprah has no use for closeted gay man because she HATES liars (remember how she she beat the shit out of James Frey?), but Oprah’s the greatest supporter of OPENLY gay people the world has ever seen. She played the therapist on Ellen, sent a platton of helecopters to try to rescue Nate Berkus’ gay lover, and Oprah show about Nate’s lover created a flood of sympathy.

    In his book FREAKS TALK BACK Yale sociologist Joshua Gamson claims that the tabloid talk show genre Oprah so brilliantly popularized & revolutionized in the 1980s did more to make gays mainstream than any other development of the 20th century.

    Tabloid talk shows put gays into millions of living rooms at a time when the rest of media ignored gays, & the success of Oprah turned tabloid talk into a HUGE INDUSTRY in the 1980s & 90s which lead to gays being everywhere.

    Oprah may ask a few dumb questions because a lot of ignorant people watch her show & she’s trying to make issues palatable to an unsophisticated audience.

  • geg

    As has been stated:

    “Oprah was the first really influential person to reach out the gay community. Even back in the 1980s Oprah took her hugely influential show to West Virginia to confront a town that had austracized a gay man living with HIV. She scolded the audience by saying “I hear this is a God fearing town. Where’s all that Christian love & understanding?”

    When Oprah did a 1990s show on gay marriage a woman in the audience yelled that gays were always flaunting their sex lives and she was tired of it. “You know what I’m tired of,” yelled Oprah “HETEROSEXUAL MALES RAPING AND SODOMIZING YOUNG GIRLS! THAT’S WHAT I’M TIRED OF!” The mostly gay audience stood up screaming with applause because Oprah so rarely gives her opinion.

    In the 1980s Oprah did an entire show where every member of the audience came out of the closet one by one.”

  • Yawn

    how long until you shut down this borefest


  • Tod

    Oprah’s the coolest person on the planet. I worship the ground she walks on!

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