Happy Endings: Oprah’s Jet Is Flipped The Bird

Oprah Winfrey usually obliterates all of her competition, no matter what. Even in the sky. [CBS News]

• A lesbian running for office in Canada has rejected Rosie O’Donnell’s donation to her campaign. We don’t think it has anything to do with fear of her money being jinxed after she funded the Broadway flop Taboo. [The Toronto Star]

oprah winfrey

• A straight teen has been awarded nearly half a mill for being teased about being gay in school. How so very ironic. [Kansas City Star]

Richard Hatch could end up spending the rest of his life behind bars for tax evasion which just goes to show that being a winner on a reality TV show doesn’t prevent you from losing in real life. [365 Gay]

• A French MP believes that gays are jeopardizing the world because we can’t procreate. Personally we think it’s the ones who are overpopulating Earth that are endangering us all. [London Daily Telegraph]

• The LAPD, in hoping to lure queers from the Windy City to sunny Southern California, is sponsoring the Gay Games. [Chicago Sun-Times]