Happy Endings: Our College Loves The Gays. Does Yours?

• The Princeton Review ranks the most gay-friendly and least gay-friendly schools in the country. Not surprisingly, Starbucks cup-banning Baylor University ranks pretty high in the “get those queers away from us” category.


Lady Bunny has some makeover tips for Harriet Miers. We hope her suggestions help but we fear the only effective solution involves a face lift and lipo.

• Kansas sex offenders who commit gay acts on underage victims will no longer be more severely punished than their hetero counterparts. Fair is fair now, people, so stay away from juvie tail!

Hellbent isn’t the only gay horror movie out this Hallwoeen. There’s hunky competition with the indie October Moon.

Dr. Who’s bi sidekick is getting his own show which we just know will be titled Dr. Q.