Happy Endings: Out Soldier Now Really Out

• Those reliable pervs at Data Lounge have the scoop on what you’ll see in Johnny Galacki’s new off-Broadway play, The Little Dog Laughed. Let’s just say it isn’t little and you certainly won’t be laughing. [Data Lounge]

Kyle Lawson has been honorably discharged from the Army, transforming him from a queer soldier to a queer civilian. But his attacker remains in the military, still a gay-bashing soldier. [Arizona Daily Star]

johnny Galecki

Star Jones and “husband” Al Reynolds have an “intoxicatingly sexual connection.” We’re just going to leave that one alone. [NY Daily News]

&bull Poor Anne Heche. It’s bad enough she has to deal with a homophobic mother, but she now has to mourn the loss of her sister. RIP Susan Bergman. [Dallas Voice]

Bizarro cartoonist Dan Piraro apologizes for unintentionally creating an anti-gay cartoon this past weekend. He didn’t, however, apologize for its failure to really make anyone laugh. [WFAA]