Happy Endings: Please Don’t Hurt The KKK

The gay marriage ban is upheld in Oregon and opponents focus on Tuesday’s vote in Texas. And to celebrate the KKK will be rallying this weekend. Through their white hoods: “We certainly don’t want any of our people hurt nor any city officials.” But if you fall outside either of those categories, all bets are off.

• Tonight’s the night. Brazilians, gay and straight alike, get ready for a possible male lip lock on the tube.


• We like to think Barney Frank would fight to make sure he gets a spot on any gay cock, er, caucus in the Massachusetss State House.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi plan to have children together. Baby names we like: Dina DeGeneres and Dean De Rossi.

• This has been driving us crazy all day. If Laila Ali and Queen Latifah are really a couple, then who is the dominant one?(Via A Socialite’s Life)

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