Happy Endings: Priest To Vatican: Shove It

•A Catholic priest in Massachusetts is in trouble for printing his opposition to the Vatican’s proposed ban on gays in the church’s weekly bulletin. We’re shocked people actually read those things.

Will & Grace premieres tonight with a live episode. Watch tired T.V. characters flub lackluster lines on a rusty TV show. Or don’t.


•Folks in Austin inadvertently help promote the upcoming Brokeback Mountain by demanding the short story the movie is based on be banned from their school.

•Nashville officials are up in arms over a video shown in the city’s schools portraying homosexuality as “natural.” And it wasn’t Lucas’ Story.

•Gay older brother Andy points out Eddie Cibrian’s own private battle of the bulge.

•All you Bi LA residents can support your fellow switch-hitters by attending a fundraiser this weekend where you might just find every person there totally hot.

•Students and teachers at the University of Iowa are pissed that the school’s locker rooms are painted pink saying the color “perpetuates offensive stereotypes about women and homosexuality.” Like a group of naked athletes in a communal shower snapping wet towels at one another isn’t so gay. (Thanks, Buzz)