Happy Endings: Prince Harry Bares His Ass

Harriett Miers has withdrawn her Supreme Court Justice nomination. Let’s hope Bush’s next pick has much better hair.

• A British army sergeant suspected cadet Prince Harry had the name of his girlfriend inked on his royal arse. So Harry was shouted an order: “drop your pants and show me your backside!” Funny enough, this was all part of a fantasy we had just two nights ago.


• Word is Siegfried abuses and drugs up his tiger-clawed boyfriend, Roy Horn. Roy has even resorted to concealing a secret cell phone and knife “to protect himself.” Why didn’t they incorporate this kind of material into their sleep-inducing Vegas show?

• A Pennsylvania student is being punished for writing that gays are “subhuman” on his blog. We’re sure he meant superhuman.

Mr. Star Jones, Al Reynolds, was left to suffer in a confined jail cell with other masculine convicts for 12 hours. 12 hours we say! And despite phone calls to his beard, um, wife, she never showed up at the police station. Star always did struck us the compassionate type.

• The anti-gay flyers showing up in Texas are great reading material. The line that reads queers “troll for homo sex at ‘gay’ bars” made us snort out or morning latte. It also left us wondering what goes on in all of those chaste “straight” watering holes. Bible reading and gospel singing? Um, no. (via Andy)