Happy Endings: Prison for HIV Donors

Blood donation

• Word comes via press release that HX Media, publisher of gay rag HX and the New York Blade, just purchased Gay & Lesbian World Travel Expo, the 13-year-old consumer show. Meanwhile, LPI Media completes its intergration of its gay properties Out, The Advocate, Gay.com, and RSVP Vacations. Media synergy at its gay best. [Advocate]

• A new Malaysian law will make it a crime if HIV-positive blood donors fail to disclose their status. Damn the cost-benefit analysis of giving away platelets! [Malaysian Star]

• The real uproar over Superman Returns shouldn’t be whether Brandon Routh‘s character (or the real-life actor) is gay, but how the hell a journalist affords a house on the water and a sea plane. [Straighten Out]

• A five-year-old gay murder case sees justice nearing in: The suspected killer of a Queens, New York man was placed in handcuffs when he stepped off the plane. [365 Gay]