Happy Endings: Pussycat Dolls Attack, and Barney Frank Kicks Ass

200104.jpegThe Pussycat Dolls are coming to reality-TV. Licking our chops. [THR]

• The Oregon student who was expelled for making a short film based on Brokeback Mountain has been allowed back in school, after he told his story on Howard Stern and totally humiliated all the school officials. This story also known as “Everything Gay Gets Blown Way Out Of Proportion.” [The Advocate]

• A man out cruising stumbles upon a murder–and sucks up his pride, admits what he was doing, and testifies in court as to what he saw. So many men would have run the other way and never reported the crime, just to protect themselves; this guy is a champ. Good for him. [icWales]

• Reason #427,581 we absolutely love Rep. Barney Frank and are thrilled to have him in Congress. Citizens of Massachusetts, please never let the man retire. [Gay.com] and [365 Gay]