Happy Endings: Sam Champion Likes Rent Boys

American Idol pressuring contestants to stay in the closet. America really needs to get a collective dose of gaydar, so people can just figure these things out on their own and get over it. How did people not know about The Gayken? [Temenos]

• Massachusetts prison officer is in trouble after showing Brokeback Mountain to inmates. Apparently the sex scenes gave the prisoners too many ideas. [BBC]

56096196.jpeg• Once Marc Jacobs starts a trend, everyone starts to play along: New York superstar weatherman Sam Champion is in love with a rent boy. Known far and wide beyond just the New York metro area, Champion made hearts flutter not only for his nightly weather forecasts, but also his fabled cameo appearances at Fire Island summer parties. We are all devastated Champion is off the market. [Jossip]

Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders–a.k.a. Patsy and Edina from Absolutely Fabulous–are coming back to TV. All hail the queens! [Zap2It]

• Speaking of our favorite women on TV: Rue McClanahan fights age with sex. Blanche Deveraux lives! [AP]