Happy Endings: Senator Frist Fists His List

• Is the world ready for Paris Hilton, recording artist? Rumor has it, she’s alright…or she paid enough money to make it sound good. [SocialiteLife]

midsumma_hankycode.jpg• Not-a-friend-of-the-gays Senator Bill Frist is throwing a hanky-code party and he doesn’t know it. Poor boy, he’s in for quite the surprise when the boys show up with their latex gloves and humongous tubs of lube. Although it’s quite the catchy way to remember his name, as Frist and fist do sound an awful lot a like. We’ll always think fondly of Frist when we see red hankies now. [WashPost]

Matthew Broderick thinks his son is already starting along on the yellow brick road. How much fun would it be for a gay kid to have Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker as parents? And then 10,000 Broadway actors constantly running by, who would each be called “Uncle ___.” Not to mention SJP’s undoubtedly immense collection of shoes, at your disposal for dress-ups. Who are we kidding? She doesn’t let ANYONE touch those shoes, you know it. [PageSix]

• A review of Rosie O’Donnell‘s documentary, All Aboard! We missed it last night, but we are looking forward to watching it–and luckily HBO plays its shows more often than VH1 repeats So NoTORIous. We’re so glad Rosie is back. [ColumbusDispatch]

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