Happy Endings: Sex Changes Through Medicaid?

• The war on gay adoption continues. Because being an orphan is better than living with gay parents. [CSM]

• Televangelist-turned-gay-activist Tammy Faye Messner appeared on Larry King again, to say she’s now in Stage 4 cancer. Things don’t look good. [Popbytes]

gay pakistan.jpeg• The new gay playground: Pakistan?!? [Guardian]

• Sex toys are illegal in Mississippi. Note to Mississippi: when Pakistan is more fun than you, you know it’s time to lighten up. [AP]

• Sex changes are no longer paid for by Medicaid. Which means, at one time they were?…[Seattle P.I.]

• A gay film set in the 60’s and 70’s wins tons of accolades and it ain’t Brokeback? Canucks have a gay hit movie of their own. [CBC]