Happy Endings: Smooth Is Out

metrosexual.jpeg• The plucked, tanned, fancy-boy metrosexual is out. Thank God. [NYT]

Clay Aiken fans explain why they are suing. A.K.A., “Why we are such losers.” [Pressbox]

Mariah Carey to return to the big screen, after she makes money off Intel. [FF]

• Video of shopping with Johnny Weir. LOVE HIM. [Socialite’s Life]

• The leader of the Anglican church to meet with the former Nazi Pope on their differing views of homosexuality. The Anglican leader will explain why they have ordained Gene Robinson, who is gay, as Bishop in New Hampshire, and bless gay weddings in Canada. In other words, the meeting most likely won’t go well. [Mirror]

• Kylie Minogue is all better, after her treatment for breast cancer. She’s working on a new album already. And the world resumes spinning. [monsters&critics]