Happy Endings: Sometime Grunge Rocker Mumbles Something Homophobic

• Oasis’s Liam Gallagher says that the England football squad is pretty “gay.” Well, we have news for you, Liam. So is being an alt-rock diva. [MTV]


Marc Jacobs will put his label on only the finest merchandise. And that includes the finest rent-boys. [Jossip]

• Those crazy kids with the Soulforce campaign got themselves arrested on purpose, tresspassing at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University to protest the school’s anti-gay bias. At least now that they’ve been to jail, they’ve got street cred. [AP]

• What do you do when the State forces your charity to provide adoptions to gays as well as straights? If you’re the Catholic Church, you spoil the fun for everyone. [Boston Globe]

• Everyone knows that gays aren’t very violent, in fact we’re usually the exact opposite. Who else would stage a protest by tonguing each other? [Made in Brazil]

• Famous queers in the UK continue to get hitched. It just won’t stop. [UK Gay.com]

• Grasping at every media opportunity they can, Project Runway’s desingers discuss their favorite…Star Wars moments? We don’t get the connection either. But it’s a funny read nonetheless. [starwars.com]